How To Replace Halogen Heater Bulbs?

How To Replace Halogen Heater Bulbs

It’s normal to see halogen heater bulbs shatter or blow when exposed to wear and tear. If this happens, it’s time to safely replace your halogen heater bulbs, but you need to handle them with care. Continue reading on to learn how to replace halogen heater bulbs without anyone’s help. 

The best part about replacing halogen heater bulbs is that the new bulbs hardly cost $7-$10. For halogen heaters, you don’t need to do frequent bulb replacements as a new bulb can last up to 2,500 -3000 hours of work. With that said, read on to learn how to replace halogen heater bulbs like a pro. 

Step-by-step Guide To Replace Halogen Heater Bulbs

Tools required:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Protective hand gloves (vinyl or latex) 


Now that you’ve geared yourself to replace halogen heater bulbs, the first step is to switch off the heater, unplug it from the socket and let it cool down.

  1. Once you’ve taken all the precautionary measures, take a screwdriver to unscrew all the screws from each side of the panel. Usually, halogen heaters have six screws, but you might have to unscrew more and less according to the brand of your halogen heater. 
  2. Be gentle when unscrewing or unclipping, and always place your hand below to avoid screws or the hanging bulb falling on the ground. 
  3. Next, uncover the heater and gently remove the black grill if you have it inside your heater. Behind the grill, you’ll see the bulb attached to the socket. 
  4. It’s time to lightly press the bulb first into the socket and then turn it in a counterclockwise direction opposite to you. Get a proper grip on the bulb while unscrewing the pins which hold the bulb in the socket.
  5. Once you feel that the bulb is loose, carefully take it out of the heater and lay the new bulb in the same place.
  6. Press the new bulb slightly into the socket and turn it clockwise to adjust it in the socket. Perform this step with extreme care as the bulb is very likely to fall. To prevent this from happening, always place your palm below so that the bulb falls in your hand.

How Long Do Halogen Heater Bulbs Last?

Compared to other heating parts, halogen heater bulbs last typically long for about 2500 to 3000 hours.

The lifespan of halogen heater bulbs may vary depending on the type and brand of halogen heater you have. It also depends on what your halogen heater is made of. Also, cheaper bulbs may not last as long as little high-priced bulbs, which are both durable and easy to maintain. 

To learn more, check out our article on how long halogen heaters last.

Why Is My Halogen Heater Not Working?

There can be a number of reasons why your halogen heater is not working, of which a broken or fused bulb is the most noticeable one.

When the bulb in your halogen heater functions poorly, it doesn’t glow, which results in the darkening of the halogen heater lamp. This ultimately makes your halogen heater incapable of producing heat in the room it’s placed in. 

What Are The Signs To Replace Halogen Heater Bulbs?

There can be many possibilities when you have to replace your halogen heater bulb before its lifespan has ended. Read the signs that tell you to replace your halogen heater bulbs before it creates any other problem in your heater.

1. Mishandling Of The Bulb

Handling halogen heater bulbs the wrong way can lead to many problems, such as blowing the bulbs. Therefore, it is not recommended to handle halogen heater bulbs with bare hands or to get them in contact with grease or water. 

2. Hairline Cracks

Whether it’s normal electric bulbs or special halogen heater bulbs, it’s very common to see cracks in bulbs.

Since these bulbs are made up of glass, a little high to low pressure on the grass surface can lead to hairline cracks. The cracks mostly happen due to mishandling of bulbs when replacing them or transporting from one spot to the other.  

3. Varying Electricity Flow

Like other heating appliances, the bulbs in halogen heaters are also influenced by unexpected surges of electricity.

When there’s a heavy flow of electricity in the socket, the bulb may burst and cause damage to other elements of the heater too. As per observation, a surge of electricity beyond 5% mostly leads to breaks in halogen heater bulbs. 

How To Maintain Halogen Heater Bulbs?

Without a doubt, you can increase the health and lifespan of your halogen heater bulbs by maintaining them properly. Listed below are a few easy-to-follow ways to prevent the bulbs from being damaged and frequent replacements. 

1. Quality Comes With a Price

As simple as it sounds, a cheap halogen heater bulb will lack quality and need frequent bulb replacements.

In contrast, spending a few bucks more on halogen heater bulbs not only lasts long but can also withstand high temperatures and other wear and tear. Thus, always go with a quality halogen heater bulb that proves beneficial for you in the long run. 

2. Switch The Bulb Off

For most halogen heaters, there’s an option to switch the bulb off when you’re not using the heater. It’s one of the best ways to reduce the bulb’s on-time or from leaving it switched on overnight.

By using this option, you can also control the bulb from getting too hot and eliminate the risk of possible bulb damage. 

3. Take Proper Precautions

Compared to other heating elements, halogen heater bulbs are very sensitive and need extra care. When handling the bulbs, make sure to wear protective gloves and avoid touching the bulb with slippery or greasy hands. In addition, carefully check all the connections, sockets and wiring that supply power to the heater.

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You can effortlessly replace the bulbs in your halogen heater by following the steps mentioned in this article. However, if your halogen heater bulb is badly shattered and broken into pieces inside the heater, it is not safe to replace it without professional help.