Outdoor Halogen Heaters

Outdoor Halogen Heaters

A Halogen heater is a heater that uses the halogen element within its heating bulb and lamp to produce radiant heat. They are called halogen heaters because within the halogen lamps, halogen gases are used to increase the bulbs’ brightness and increase their lifespan.

The halogen also prevents the bulbs from darkening, and so the halogen lamps are safe to operate at higher temperatures, compared with lights that do not use halogen gas. Halogen heaters are usually used in outdoor heating.

Most outdoor heaters use halogen lamps due to the brightness and high-intensity heat the lights can produce.
The heaters can also quickly provide heat, meaning the halogen heaters can provide instantaneous heat as soon as the heaters are switched on.

Can A Halogen Heater Be Used Outside?

Halogen heater can be used outside. In fact, they are ideal for use outdoor because of their ability to generate high levels of heat and light. They are excellent choices for outdoor areas like terraces and patios. A good example is halogen patio heaters that are quite popular. Can A Halogen Heater Be Used Outside

Advantages of Outdoor Halogen Heaters

1. Eco-Friendly/Easy to install:

  • The typical halogen heater is prepared to be used immediately after purchase.
  • There are not any installation procedures.
  • There is no need to recharge anything.
  • You purchase one.
  • You set it on.

Halogen heaters provide heat by means of radiation instead of burning fossil fuels, thereby providing clean, healthy heat energy.

2. Efficient re-distribution of heat:

By design, halogen heaters are built to distribute heat in the best way possible. As a result, they require less energy than other heaters, converting most of their electric power to heat.
Since halogen heaters utilize radiation, they’re ready to better heat up any area in comparison to a heater using convection. Halogen heaters are also quick to heat up, thereby reducing the general energy consumed and conserving power.

3. Easy to Handle:

Thanks to the handy size of most indoor halogen heaters, they’re incredibly portable and straightforward to use.

However, it’s important to note that the size of any halogen heater is directly connected to the quantity of heat it can generate; going by that logic, larger households might need to purchase larger sizes of halogen heaters.

4. In-Built Safety Options:

Halogen heaters come equipped with a quartz core. This protects the heater from electrocution and surge-related injuries. The cover is provided with a shield that gives insulation from heat and burns, while the rear of the device is totally unaffected by the warmth.

They often fall or get pushed over unintentionally; despite this, the heaters are designed to be fire-start proof.

Electric halogen heaters possess systems that cool automatically once they are kept on for too long to stop over-heating. In addition, halogen heaters produced to be utilized in freezing climates are known to possess built-in timers that enable them to automatically activate or off at previously set times or within the occurrence of freezing weather.

However, it is essential to note that these additional features come with an increased cost of the halogen heaters.

5. Affordable:

When it comes to outdoor heaters and radiant heating systems, halogen heaters tend to be costlier compared to traditional conventional heaters.

However, when all aspects and features are fully considered, it starts to become evident that halogen heaters are the cost-effective option.

The larger the heater, the more it might cost, and vice-versa. This is thanks to their highly durable nature, including the fact that they require no installation procedures or after sale servicing.

6. Durable and Long-lasting:

Thanks to the essential halogen element that provides halogen heaters with their names, they possess a long lifespan, with the astonishing ability to constantly put out energy for the duration of said lifespan.

The halogen heaters utilize fused quartz in their bulbs to make long-lasting radiant heat. The built-in halogen element also makes the halogen heaters more durable than standard light bulbs by preventing the edges of the bulb from getting any black coloration, adding up to more efficient production of radiant energy.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Halogen Heaters

There are some disadvantages that come with using Halogen Heaters, some of them are discussed below.

1. Not Ideal for Space Heating:

As a result of the small size of most halogen heaters, they tend to be less ideal for heating large spaces or space heating.
Halogen heaters only heat the specific areas they are targeting. Therefore, if a person is slightly away from that particular heating area, they will not feel the warmth.

2. High Running Costs:

Halogen heaters can be quite costly to run depending on the type of halogen heater you want to purchase. In addition, they can be more expensive when compared to other forms of heating if you’re not careful.

3. Health Risks Associated with Outdoor Halogen Heaters

Halogen heaters are generally thought to be safer than other types of heaters. Unlike traditional heaters, the outdoor halogen heater creates radiant heat utilizing halogen gas.

Notwithstanding, some health risks have caused concerns about outdoor halogen heaters. Some of the health issues associated with halogen heaters include;

4. Heat Burn:

The outdoor halogen heater works with infrared radiation, which can be harmful to the human body. It can cause skin problems if exposed for a very long duration.

As a precautionary measure, never let your skin or clothes come close to it. The high heat radiating from this device can cause severe injuries if you are not careful.

5. Eye Damage:

The light from outdoor Halogen heaters could damage the eyes. This is because halogen heaters operate at very high temperatures and intensities.

Direct, prolonged exposure to the light from an outdoor halogen heater can cause retinal damage.

With that being said, there are no significant health risks of using an outdoor halogen heater.

They can be used for as long as you can handle them with care. However, the heater generally gets hot instantly. This is one of the biggest reasons for being extra careful when holding it. In addition, it is advised to keep heaters out of the reach of small children and pets.


In conclusion, outdoor halogen heaters are portable heating devices that provide heat by environmentally friendly means. Like all products on the market, they possess advantages and drawbacks that need to be appropriately weighed before any purchasing decisions are made. It would be advisable to weigh the pros and cons of any heater type of choice before purchasing them.