Best Heater: Oil Heater vs. Fan Heater vs. Halogen or Quartz Heater

Best Heater: Oil Heater vs. Fan Heater vs. Halogen or Quartz Heater

Winter knocking on our doors, calls for an efficient and effective room heater to keep you and your surroundings warm & cozy.

If you are looking for a heater for your office, room or clinic, we have the best three options for you- Oil Heaters, Fan Heaters & Halogen or Quartz Heaters.

So, which one is the best for you this winter? To get an answer, check out the Table of Difference between the three and other factors to consider before buying the most suitable heater for yourself!





Alternate Names

Oil Filled Room Heater

Convection/Ceramic Heater or Blower

Infrared/Radiant Heaters


Oil filled in the fins & columns heats up. Being silicone oil, it does not evaporate on heating.

A fan/blower works continuously to produce and regulate heat in the room.

It works by radiating heat from the Halogen tubes.

Heating Area

Large rooms & offices

Small rooms & offices

Small rooms & offices

Noise Level

Very Silent 

Fan Noise

Very Silent 

Light Emission

No light

No light

Light emission


Automatic Timer

Variations in models

Automatic Timer

Humidity/Oxygen Level

Does not alter oxygen level

Alters oxygen level

Alters oxygen level

Thermostat Feature


Not Available



Rs. 10,000 & above

Rs. 2,000-7,000 (Depending on additional thermostat & timer features)

Rs. 1,000-1,500


Heavier, but easily portable with wheels

Easy to carry

Easily Portable


Safest for kids & pets


Not safe, rods emitt heat

Heating Power

3,000 Watts

2,000 Watts

800-1,200 Watts


  • Constant heating

  • Environment friendly

  • Maintains Oxygen Level

  • Warms room instantly

  • Very Inexpensive

  • Preffered for residential rooms

  • Provides heat to focused area

  • Energy efficient

  • Instant heating


  • No instant heating

  • Heavy to lift

  • Expensive

  • Consumes  lot of energy

  • Creates noise

  • Alters O2 level

  • Not suitable for large space

  • Unsafe for kids & pets

  • No air filtering

Recommended Brands

  • Morphy Richards

  • Havells

  • Orpat

  • Orient Electric

  • CK Birla Group

  • Havells

  • V-Guard

  • LG

  • Bajaj

Best Buying Options

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7 Features to Look Out for Before Purchase

  1. Size of Room– Measure the area of the room to determine what power of the heater is suitable. Larger area requires oil-based heaters.
  2. Heating Elements– More, the merrier. These elements & filaments help in heating the room faster.
  3. Watts– A powerful and larger heater requires more watts compared to smaller ones. Beware of fake products claiming to consume low energy and without energy ratings.
  4. Safety Grill– If you have kids or pets at home, ensure that the heater you choose has an added safety grill. Oil based heaters are the safest for home.
  5. Temperature Settings– Choose a room heater with multiple heat settings such as Halogen & Oil heaters. Try different heat settings to find out which one is the most suitable for you.
  6. Portability- Ensure that the model you are buying is easy to carry around. Fan heaters are the smallest & most portable.
  7. Technology– Radiant & Fan heaters offer quick spot heating whereas oil heaters heat the full space.

To know more about infrared heaters, read the difference between Halogen & Quartz Heaters!

Best Halogen Heaters

For the best halogen heaters, check out this guide on the best halogen heaters.

General Precautions for Use

  • Do not place them near a walking passage to avoid accidents.
  • Keep them away from inflammable substances.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Keep them away from water.
  • Do not leave it running overnight, it can dry out your nasal passage & skin.
  • Do not use it for drying clothes.
  • Replace an older one with a newer & safer heater.

Which Heater is the BEST one for your Room?

  • Room Heating- Oil Heaters are the most suitable for instant & space heating. If you have a small room, you should go for radiant or fan heaters.
  • Efficiency or Power Consumption- Fan heaters are the lowest in power consumption.
  • Cost Effectiveness- While oil heaters are the most expensive, infrared heaters are moderately priced and varies based on features, going for a fan heater is the most cost-effective option as compared to others. To learn more about how much halogen heaters cost to run, check out this guide.

Always select a heater keeping in mind- its placement, usage hours, people in the room and so on. Also, this convenient appliance can be dangerous to use, so take all the precautions and enjoy your winter with the best heater for you!