How Long Do Halogen Heater Bulbs Last?

How Long Do Halogen Heater Bulbs Last

Halogen heaters feature a special type of halogen bulb that makes them efficient and durable. Like other heating elements, these bulbs also last for a specific time period and need to be replaced after that. Read this article to find out how long halogen bulbs last and the best time to replace them. 

On average, halogen heater bulbs last for 500 to 1000 hours in regular use. In fact, they are designed to last for 5,000 hours or over 200 days if not used quite as often. The lamps maintain almost constant energy emission until the end of the rated life.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of Halogen Heater Bulbs?

Using the unique halogen radiation technology, halogen heaters exceed traditional heaters in terms of efficiency and durability. Over time, the halogen heater bulbs in the heaters may get worn out or damaged and may shatter inside.

Halogen Heater Bulbs

On average, halogen heater bulbs last for 500 to 1000 hours in regular use. However, there are many other factors that determine the lifespan of halogen heater bulbs and when is the best time to replace them. Check out our guide on how to replace halogen heaters to learn more.

If you are wondering what halogen heaters are made of that give them this lifespan, check out this article.

Best Halogen Heater Bulbs

How Long Can You Leave a Halogen Heater On?

Since halogen heaters heat up quickly after getting switched on, it’s best not to leave them switched on for very long (more than a few hours). For example, it is not safe to leave a halogen heater on overnight. 

Otherwise, the halogen bulb in the heater may burst and cause overloading fires which can put you in serious hazards while you’re sleeping. Also, leaving halogen heaters on overnight can lead to suffocation and leave you with serious skin allergies.

Do Halogen Heaters Cost a Lot to Run? 

Even though halogen heaters are less energy-consuming, they can still be costly to run. Unlike other heaters, they radiate heat directly instead of using the traditional heat convection method.

As a result, they cool down rapidly and need a continuous supply of power to maintain the heat in the area. Find out more from our article on the costs associated with running halogen heaters.

Do Halogen Heaters Give Off Carbon Monoxide?

Like other heaters, halogen heaters can increase the level of carbon monoxide in the air while decreasing the moisture in the air.

This excessive increase of smoke in the air can cause suffocation or other respiratory problems in the nasal passageway. Thus, running halogen heaters for too long in the presence of infants, pets, and those with respiratory problems is not a good choice.

Are Halogen Heaters Cheaper Than Central Heating?

Other than halogen heaters, nearly all heat appliances use central heating to function and heat the space where they’re placed.

As per the recent study by CSE, a 2KW halogen heater running on a 17p standard meter costs cheaper.  While a 2 kW fan heater runs on an 11p standard meter and costs 28p per hour. 

Halogen Heater Bulbs vs Other Heaters

Halogen heater bulbs last for a fair amount of time in the halogen heaters. It might be because these bulbs heat up rapidly and give out maximum energy. However, other heat appliances like oil-based room heaters last long but are less efficient than halogen bulbs. 

Whichever halogen heater you have, it’s important to know the life span of its halogen bulb. Or you should least be capable of identifying the signs when it’s the right time to replace halogen heater bulbs. 

What Do The Cracks In The Halogen Heater Bulb Indicate?

It’s not normal to observe cracks in the halogen bulbs present inside the heater. With the halogen lamps on, it’s hard to see the cracks because of the bright white light.

But anyone can easily observe these cracks or minor breaks in the bulb when it’s switched off. It is mostly due to high voltage and running the heater for too long with extremely hot halogen bulbs.

If you see cracks or black spot signs in your halogen bulb, it’s high time to replace them right away. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get the right fit of halogen bulb for your heater at every local shop. 

Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to replace your damaged halogen bulb with quartz. For those who don’t know what quartz is, here is a simple definition for you. 

What Is Quartz?

Quartz is comparatively strong, durable, and energy-efficient and has a higher melting point than halogen heater bulbs.

Quartz halogen lamps

This is why quartz is widely used in different heaters, including tungsten heaters, halogen heaters, quartz heaters, and others. 

To replace the halogen bulb with quartz, follow the steps mentioned below. 

How To Replace A Halogen Bulb With A Quartz?

  1. In nearly all the halogen heaters, the halogen bulbs are secured with screws and clips. The first step is to wear protective hand gloves and unscrew the bulb gently.
  2. Press the bulb lightly in an anti-clockwise direction and unscrew the pins safely so that the bulb doesn’t fall.
  3. Next, place the quartz in the same place and gently turn it clockwise to ensure it is perfectly fitted in the heater.
  4. Lastly, turn on the halogen heater to see if the halogen bulbs brighten up well. If that doesn’t work, reach out to a professional electrician to repair your halogen heater.

Replacing a halogen heater bulb with a new one or quartz is pretty simple if you follow the instructions carefully. However, these bulbs are quite expensive than any other heating element in halogen heaters. 

Are Halogen Heater Bulbs Safe? 

Yes, halogen bulbs are a safe option to fit in halogen heaters and use in homes or other small spaces for indoor heating. Although they produce 80%-90% heat emissions of total energy and take around 90 watts of power on average, buying them is still a wise decision. 

Read more about halogen heater side effects and halogen heater health risks and safety to learn more.

How Much Do Halogen Heater Bulbs Cost?

Compared to oil-based furnaces, halogen heater bulbs are cheaper but still expensive than other heating elements used in a halogen heater. Normally, halogen heater bulbs cost around $3 to $5, making them reasonable to even replace every few months. 

What Are Popular Brands In Halogen Heater Bulbs?

Halogen heaters are getting increasingly popular for their eco-friendly nature and long life span. Since halogen heater bulbs are the key heating element, you should buy them from the right place.

Out of many, some of the popular brands manufacturing affordable and quality halogen heater bulbs include halogen heater bulbs Screwfix, Beldray halogen heater bulbs, Pifco halogen heater bulbs, and Daewoo halogen heater bulbs.


As the article described, halogen heaters are durable because of their long-lasting halogen bulbs that are cheap, easy to replace, and emit minimal UV emissions. Depending on the type of bulb and your frequency of use, the life span of halogen bulbs in your halogen heater may vary accordingly.